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Oak Tree Village


Oak Tree Village committees gather and recommend solutions to the Board on specific issues and needs for the benefit of the community. All community members are encouraged to get involved.
Budget and Finance Joyce Trecartin, Karen Karnes, Clint Enderli
Architectural Control   Suzi Suchman, Charles Howard                                          
Landscaping, Irrigation    Clint Enderli, Fran Beazley, Karen Karnes  
Trees Shannon Webb, Josh Webb
Clubhouse   Allyson Tripp
Club Reservations   Kristin Rollins
Lights   Michelle Hope
Pool   Marianna Nooner  
Tennis Court   Morney Duncan
Social   Anita Yudin, Forrest Petricca, 
Website   Jenny Wolff, Charles Howard
Community Relations   Michelle Hope
Greeter   Joan Brasier, Christy Poindexter  
Security   Clint Enderli, Michelle Hope